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We have a select group of legal professionals, noted for their extensive training, experience and specialization in various legal areas, ensuring an excellent service.

When faced with the question of what type of legal advice or service is appropriate, our firm is in a position to offer you a specialized accompaniment adapted to your needs, clarifying the different solutions for your case.

We cordially invite you to contact us, so that together we can analyze your legal needs and provide you with the appropriate legal solution of the highest quality.

The Firm

Legal Experts Costa Rica

Arista is comprised of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the design and execution of legal, financial and tax strategies in accordance with the demands of today’s business world.

We provide practical, efficient, and effective solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, allowing them to achieve an optimal balance between competitiveness and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


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We have legal solutions for your personal and commercial needs.

We are specialists committed to providing the best services to our clients in all areas of law, as well as advice on issues that may arise during their daily activities.
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Legal security.

We offer legal services of the highest quality, in strict compliance with Costa Rican law, so you can be sure that you and your company are protected. At the same time we focus on providing preventive advice .

Protect your company with personalized attention.

Business, legal and tax advice by lawyers in Costa Rica. Whatever your needs are, Arista Legal Costa Rica is here to help you.

You need a lawyer who speaks your language.

Our bilingual team of experts will guide you through the process, negotiating and drafting contracts, legal opinions and dispute resolution.

We promise the highest quality and efficiency.

With decades of professional experience, we know what it takes to ensure the success of your business. Our lawyers will provide you with high quality advice and efficient and cost-effective services.

Corporate Business

Structuring | Asset Protection

Formation and strategic structuring of the business

Create a Company | Commercial Companies

Capital Injection | Credit Counseling

International movement of cash flows

Tax Planning

Development and Supervision of Specialized Projects

Corporate Governance


Ordinary and summary administrative proceedings.

Contentious-Administrative and Civil Law of the Treasury.

Lawsuits against the State or Public Entities

Precautionary Measures.

Judicial Proceedings Contentious-Administrative Court.


Counseling, representation and accompaniment of victims

Counseling, representation and accompaniment of accused persons and/or persons under investigation for alleged crimes.

Counseling, representation and accompaniment in all stages of the ordinary criminal process

Advice, representation and accompaniment in all stages of special criminal proceedings.

Advice, representation and accompaniment in criminal proceedings in which a company is a party.

Counseling and representation in possible alternative solutions to the criminal conflict.

Precautionary Measures

Advice and representation in criminal proceedings in possible criminal offenses.

Advice and representation in the Compliance of Anti-Corruption Policies in Costa Rica.


Marriages | Divorces

Transfers | Properties

Transfers : Vehicles

Authentications | Certifications

Powers of Attorney : Special Powers of Attorney : General Powers of Attorney

Loans |Mortgages |Loans

Companies | Incorporation | Liquidation

Transparency and beneficial ownership registry



Trademark Registration


Ordinary and Summary Proceedings

Precautionary Measures

Summary eviction proceedings

Lease price readjustment

Possessory injunctions

Summary suspension of new construction

Demolition summaryMonetary order

Lease monitoring



Execution Processes


Foreclosure | Foreclosure on mortgage and pledge


Marriage contracts

Civil marriage

Recognition of common-law marriage

Community Property Disputes

Alimony : Claim, increase or decrease process

Family Interrelationships



Paternity investigation | Acknowledgment of children

Suspension of parental rights

Domestic violence

Parental custody, guardianship, upbringing and education


Incorporation of Condominium in Subsidiary Farms

Purchase of Property and Condominium : Condominium Modification : Condominium Modification Process

Advice and elaboration of condominium regulations and standards

Collections process | Alternative dispute resolution

Advisory Services | Homeowners' Assemblies

Advice and evaluation of legal and administrative risks of the Condominium.

Creation and integration of Committees.

Civil judicial proceeding to annul agreements not in accordance with the legal system


Preventive consulting

Ordinary labor : Special Proceedings

Precautionary Measures

Review and development of internal regulations

Advice and preparation of employment contracts

Counseling and review of workdays and schedules

Labor settlements and analysis of compensation schedules

Internal procedures (disciplinary, sexual and labor harassment, others)

Counseling and support in reprimands, suspensions, dismissals, etc.

Advice and accompaniment in payroll (C.C.S.S.)

Employer delinquency, payment arrangements, remission, fines and interest on debts owed to the C.C.S.S.S.

Calculation of labor rights.

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