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Legal formalities and notarial acts

At Arista, we understand the importance of having solid and specialized legal advice in the field of notarial law. This field of law encompasses the regulation and control of notarial acts and documents, which are of great importance in multiple aspects of the legal and economic life of all parties involved.

Our team of highly qualified notaries will be in charge of offering you an integral service in all the areas that your requirements may require, including preventive advice, drafting of all notarial acts, public deeds, powers of attorney, wills, advice on issues such as the purchase and sale of properties, incorporation of commercial companies, wills, inheritances, successions, marriages, divorces, among others.

The presence of a notary in these processes guarantees the legality, authenticity and legal certainty of the acts, businesses that are carried out, as well as the adequate protection of the rights and interests of all the parties to the process. At Arista, we provide personalized and high quality attention to ensure that your needs and expectations are met in an effective and efficient manner.

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Property registration studies

The service of registry and historical studies of properties is fundamental in Costa Rican notarial law. This service focuses on investigating the legal background of a real estate property, including its purchase and sale history, liens, encumbrances, encumbrances, limitations and any other relevant information that may affect its current legal situation. Through this service, a notary public can provide valuable and accurate information to those interested in a property, allowing them to make informed decisions before making any transaction or contract related to it. In addition, this service can be a basis for preemptively resolving property-related legal disputes.

Transfer, segregation and reunification of properties

The service of transfers, segregations and reunions of properties is essential in Costa Rican notarial law. These proceedings focus on the transfer of real estate, either in whole or in part, and on the reorganization of real estate ownership. In general terms, a conveyance involves the transfer of ownership of real estate from one owner to another, while a segregation refers to the subdivision of land to create new independent lots. On the other hand, a meeting of properties is the process by which two or more properties are united into one. In all these cases, it is essential to have the advice of an expert lawyer in notarial law to ensure that the procedures are carried out correctly and in compliance with current legal regulations.

At Arista, you will find the services of transfers, segregations and meetings of properties, with the support of our team of lawyers specialized in notarial law in Costa Rica. Our team is committed to providing quality and effective legal solutions to each of our clients and stakeholders.

Constitution, modification and cancellation of mortgages

The constitution, modification and cancellation of mortgages is an essential service within notarial law in Costa Rica. These are legal acts that affect property rights and require to be formalized before a notary public in order to be valid and enforceable against third parties. A mortgage is a security interest granted over real estate to secure a payment obligation, so its correct constitution, modification or cancellation is vital to guarantee the rights of the parties involved. A lawyer specialized in notarial law can advise and guide clients throughout the process of these acts, offering appropriate and effective solutions to their legal needs. At Arista, we have a team of highly trained professionals to provide this service with quality and efficiency.


In the field of notarial law, an easement refers to a real right established over a property, which allows its holder to use or enjoy a part of it in a limited way, for the benefit of another property that does not belong to him. This notarial service covers the constitution, modification and cancellation of easements, which involves an evaluation of the legal situation and the drafting of the necessary documents to formalize the easement in question. In addition, in case of conflicts related to easements, a lawyer specialized in notarial law can provide advice to resolve them effectively.

Vehicles : Registration study : Transfers : Transfers : Pledges

The vehicle registration study is an important task that allows to know the history of a vehicle and its current situation in terms of owners, encumbrances and other relevant details. In addition, at Arista, we offer vehicle transfer services, both for new and used vehicles, and we take care of all the necessary formalities for the transfer of ownership. We also provide advice and management in the constitution of pledges on vehicles, in order to ensure the protection of the creditor's interests in case of default of the debtor. At all times, our team of lawyers specialized in notarial law is available to offer effective and quality solutions to our clients and parties involved.

Mercantile Companies | Incorporations | Modifications | Dissolutions | Liquidations

The service of Commercial Companies provided by an expert lawyer in notarial law in Costa Rica focuses on the advice and management of the incorporation, modification, dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies. Notarial law professionals are in charge of carrying out the necessary procedures and processes before the competent authorities, such as the National Registry and the Ministry of Finance, for the creation of a commercial company (corporation, limited liability company, among others) in compliance with the legislation in force. They also provide legal advice in the drafting and modification of bylaws and partnership agreements, and in the dissolution and liquidation of the same if necessary. This service seeks to guarantee the legal compliance of commercial companies and their proper operation in the commercial field.

Certification of signatures | Authentication of signatures | Certifications | Affidavits | Certifications

Notarization, affidavits, authentication of signatures and certifications are notarial services that provide security and authenticity to the documents submitted to the authorities. The notarization is the act by which a public instrument is granted, which has a greater probative force than a private document. Affidavits are used to state the truthfulness of a fact or situation formally and under oath. The authentication of signatures ensures that a signature is authentic and corresponds to the person who has signed it, while certifications are documents that certify the veracity of a fact or situation and have been issued by a notary. These services are necessary in many legal and administrative processes, and at Arista we have a team of experts in notarial law that can assist in their realization.

Trusts , Wills , Estates

Costa Rica's expert lawyers in notarial law offer a comprehensive service for the creation, modification and termination of trusts. This legal tool allows the transfer of ownership of assets to a third party trustee, who manages and disposes of them according to the instructions established by the trustor. The constitution of the trust requires the drafting of a legal document that establishes the terms and conditions of the trust, which must be registered in the National Registry in order to have legal effects. In the modification of the trust, changes can be made to the original instructions, and in the extinguishment of the trust, the transfer of the assets to the established beneficiaries or in accordance with the law is carried out.

In addition, at Arista we have lawyers specialized in notarial law who can also assist in the planning and administration of a person's estate through wills and probate proceedings. While a trust focuses on managing and protecting a person's assets, a will is a legal document that establishes how assets will be distributed after a person's death. Inheritance proceedings involve the distribution of the assets of a person who has died without leaving a valid will. At Arista, our attorneys can help our clients establish trusts, draft wills and conduct probate proceedings efficiently and effectively.

Legalization of documents for use abroad | Certifications | Apostille | Translations | Delinquency sheet

The legalization of documents for use abroad is an essential service offered by expert notary attorneys in Costa Rica. This service involves the certification of documents issued by a Costa Rican authority to be legally valid in another country. This requires authentication of the signature of the public official who signed the document and, in some cases, legalization of the document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. In addition, many countries require the apostille of the documents, which means that a special certification issued by the corresponding authority is added to them to confirm their authenticity. Another document that is often required for use abroad is the hoja de delincuencia, which is a record of a person's criminal record in Costa Rica. At Arista, our specialist notary attorneys can assist our clients with the process of legalization of documents and, if necessary, with the translation of documents for use abroad.

Condominiums , Aircraft , Vessels , Livestock

Costa Rica notary attorneys offer a variety of legal services for the administration and protection of properties in different sectors. One of these services is the incorporation and administration of condominiums. The creation of a condominium requires the drafting of bylaws and registration with the National Registry. In addition, notary attorneys can assist in resolving disputes between owners and in making transfers of ownership within a condominium. It is important to emphasize that these services are offered in an efficient and professional manner, ensuring compliance with the corresponding legal and regulatory standards.

Regarding the ownership of aircraft and ships, notary attorneys can provide services for the constitution of trusts and protection of these assets. The drafting of purchase and sale contracts and registration in the corresponding registries are also part of the services offered. In the case of ships, notary attorneys can also assist in obtaining permits and authorizations for navigation and operation. It is important to emphasize that experience and knowledge in these matters ensure the protection of clients' interests.

On the other hand, a cattle brand is a distinctive symbol or sign used to identify the ownership of animals on a farm or ranch. Notarial attorneys can assist in the drafting of purchase and sale contracts and partnership agreements related to livestock brands, as well as in the registration of brand ownership in the National Registry. They can also assist in resolving disputes related to livestock branding.

Intellectual Property : Trademarks

This includes monitoring competitors for possible trademark infringements and bringing legal action in the event of violations. They can also advise their clients on how best to protect their intellectual property online, for example, by obtaining domain names and protecting intellectual property on social networks.

In summary, Costa Rican notary attorneys offer comprehensive services related to intellectual property and trademarks. From choosing and registering trademarks to protecting and defending intellectual property rights, notary attorneys can provide legal advice and support to their clients to help them maximize the value of their intellectual property and protect their reputation and position in the marketplace.

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