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At Arista, you will find a group of lawyers specialized in civil law who will provide you with a personalized service in the correct advice and representation to protect your rights and interests. We understand the importance of supporting you in conflictive situations that generate discomfort and resistance to be faced and resolved.

Against this backdrop, Arista offers effective and comprehensive solutions through preventive advice to reduce the risk of unnecessary civil litigation. With this proactive approach, we can help prevent contingencies before they become a costly and time-consuming problem for all parties involved.

Our team of professionals focuses on understanding the specific needs and objectives of each client, providing concrete solutions in drafting contracts, alternative dispute resolution, representation in a lawsuit, collection of damages, probate proceedings, wills, monitoring, possessory information, summary proceedings, auctions, seizures, mortgages, pledges, among others.

At Arista, we understand that civil disputes can be stressful and overwhelming, however, our professionals will walk you through the entire process, focused on making it as simple and streamlined as possible for our clients.

Our Services
Preventive Counseling | Civil Law Litigation | Preventive Measures | Precautionary Measures

We focus on three essential aspects: the prevention of legal disputes, the effective resolution of legal disputes should they arise, and the implementation of precautionary measures to protect the rights and interests of our clients during the resolution of legal disputes.

Our preventive approach, carried out by lawyers specialized in civil law, anticipates potential legal conflicts between individuals or entities. This approach encompasses not only contract review and advice on commercial transactions, but also estate planning. Its primary objective is to anticipate risk situations and take preventive measures. This strategy results in significant savings in time and resources, ensuring more effective compliance with our clients' obligations and rights.

When disputes arise, our civil litigation approach is activated. This process unfolds in a court of law, where each party presents its arguments and evidence to resolve disputes or controversies. These disputes can arise in a variety of contexts, such as contractual disputes, civil liability and property issues. This process, without proper professional advice, can be long and costly, increasing the complexity of its resolution by involving various legal remedies.

In addition, we incorporate a third approach dedicated to the Precautionary Measures, judicial procedures that seek to guarantee the object of dispute during the ordinary or special process. These measures temporarily protect the rights and interests of the applicant while the judicial dispute is being resolved. Among the most common precautionary measures are the preventive seizure, preventive sequestration, prohibition to alienate or encumber, prohibition to innovate, and annotation of demand. Each of these measures is intended to protect the interests of the plaintiff and to ensure a fair and equitable resolution.

In Costa Rica, the ordinary civil process is the main mechanism in civil litigation, being applied in complex civil cases or those of greater value, where the value of the dispute exceeds the limits established for summary proceedings. This process follows a series of stages, including the filing of the lawsuit, notification to the defendant, the answer, the presentation of evidence, the oral trial hearing, and the sentence issued by the judge.

With these three approaches, Preventive Counseling | Civil Law Litigation | Injunctive Relief, Arista Legal aims to maintain harmonious relationships, prevent legal conflicts, implement effective injunctive relief and efficiently manage any disputes that may arise, minimizing unnecessary expenses in the future.

Special Proceedings: Eviction | Foreclosure | Probate | Judicial Collection | Usucapion | Insolvency | Monitorships

Law, in its intrinsic nature, presents multiple complexities that often demand an extraordinary procedural treatment. The Specialized Legal Processes are designed to address these particularities, thus ensuring effective and timely judicial protection. At Arista, we are aware of the specialty that these cases require and we provide effective and timely solutions, avoiding the delays typical of ordinary proceedings.

Specialized Legal Process Services

Legal guidance in cases requiring the eviction of tenants or illegitimate occupants of a property.

Advice on the execution of mortgages for the satisfaction of debts secured by real estate.

Advice on the adjudication and administration of inheritances after the death of a person.

Judicial Collection:
Legal assistance in the recovery of unsatisfied pecuniary obligations, through the intervention of the judicial system.

Legal guidance in the acquisition of ownership of property through continued and uninterrupted possession.

Advice on the insolvency declaration process and liquidation of assets for payment to creditors.

Monetary Monitorio:
Advice on the expeditious and efficient recovery of liquid debts through simplified judicial procedures.

Information of Possession | Summary of Eviction

The Information of Possession is a key judicial procedure to discern who holds possession of a property and under what conditions. This process, carried out in the civil jurisdiction, is handled summarily, i.e., briefly and in short periods of time. At Arista, we guide our clients through this procedure, from the drafting of the claim, with a precise description of the property and the parties involved, to the eventual implementation of precautionary measures, such as the prohibition to alienate or encumber the property or the assignment of a receiver.

Summary Eviction, on the other hand, is a process specialized in recovering possession of a property in a quick and effective manner, frequently used when a tenant breaches the terms of a lease. Our services in this area include the review of the lease agreement, analysis of the situation of the property, collection and presentation of evidence, as well as legal representation during the judicial process and follow-up until its conclusion.

At Arista, we have a team of professionals with extensive experience and specialization in these procedures. We offer customized solutions for each client, guaranteeing compliance with all legal requirements and procedural acts, thus avoiding the nullity of the process and the loss of time and resources.

At Arista, we specialize in advising and drafting civil contracts, providing professional guidance and support to individuals or companies seeking to formalize commercial and civil agreements and relationships in an effective and safe manner.

Our approach to civil contract consulting focuses on a thorough analysis of each client's specific needs and objectives. This evaluation, based on the legal regulations in force and the peculiarities of each case, allows us to offer a personalized service, identify possible risks and ensure the protection of our clients' rights and interests.

The drafting of the contract is an extremely important process, in which the agreed conditions, terms and obligations, as well as the repercussions in the event of non-compliance, are set forth. This document must be written in precise and updated language, ensuring the clarity and detail necessary to prevent misunderstandings or future disputes.

The most common civil contracts include purchase and sale, lease, loan, bailment, mandate, partnership, services, distribution and supply agreements, among others.

Each of these has its own particularities and aspects to consider in its drafting, which underlines the importance of having a professional specialized in civil law to ensure the effectiveness and legal certainty of the contract.

At Arista, we understand the importance of a well-drafted contract as an essential tool for any person or company seeking to formalize commercial and civil agreements or relationships. Our mission is to help you guarantee the protection of your interests and prevent possible legal contingencies. Your legal security is our priority.

Estate Planning: Wills and Probate Management in Costa Rica

The estate planning process is essential to ensure that personal wishes are fulfilled and assets are transferred efficiently and effectively. Arista provides expert legal advice in the preparation of wills and in the management of inheritances.

The preparation of a will is an exercise of foresight, allowing for the personalized distribution of assets after death. Arista advises on the preparation of wills, taking into consideration Costa Rican legislation and the individual objectives of each client.

Handling an estate can be an intricate process, involving legal, fiscal and emotional aspects. Arista facilitates the administration of the estate, from the identification and evaluation of the deceased's assets to the distribution of these among the heirs, seeking efficiency and regulatory compliance at all times.

If disputes or conflicts arise during the probate process, Arista has experienced professionals to represent and defend clients' interests. Extensive experience in the management of inheritances allows us to anticipate potential challenges and seek solutions that protect rights.

At Arista, we provide comprehensive advice for the protection and transition of assets, approaching each case with a personalized approach and attending to the particularities and specific needs of each client. The aim is to support the generation of a secure future and the correct distribution of goods, an objective that is pursued with tenacity and dedication.

and the legacy of their loved ones.

Demarcation of Boundary Lines | Location of Undivided Rights

Our advice on locating undivided rights offers comprehensive legal support to those seeking to establish ownership of undivided rights in real estate. This service is particularly relevant in situations such as intestate successions or property acquisitions with multiple owners and rights not clearly identified. We carry out the process before the corresponding civil jurisdiction, coordinating inspections and conducting investigations to identify the possible owners of the rights. At Arista Legal, we not only provide advice, but we also accompany our clients in every stage of the process, from the preparation of the lawsuit to the final resolution of the case.

In addition, we offer boundary demarcation advisory services, an essential practice for those seeking to accurately define their property boundaries, prevent future disputes with neighbors and avoid potential land invasions or encroachment. In Costa Rica, this process begins with the filing of an application before a judge, followed by a judicial inspection and culminates with the issuance of a resolution that definitively determines the boundaries of the property. Our advice in this process can range from the review of the necessary documentation, the drafting and filing of the court application, representation in the procedural stages and follow-up until the completion of the case.

Foreclosure proceedings | Foreclosures | Foreclosures | Foreclosures | Foreclosures

Facing a foreclosure, foreclosure or foreclosure process can be an extremely stressful circumstance. At Arista, we provide specialized legal advice in these processes to individuals and legal entities in Costa Rica, guiding them through these situations with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency.

Advice on Foreclosure and Foreclosure of Mortgages and Pledges

Foreclosure and pledge proceedings are initiated in cases of default in the payment of obligations secured by a mortgage or pledge. Our team of expert lawyers will conduct a thorough review of all relevant documentation, draft and file the necessary legal briefs and ensure that your interests are protected during the legal process. We will assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you are fully informed and prepared to make the right decisions.

Advising on Auction and Foreclosure Proceedings

Garnishment is a precautionary measure that entails the retention of assets until the debt obligations are satisfied. In the event that such assets need to be sold - a process known as auctioning - our team is also prepared to assist you. We provide advice in the review of documents, drafting and filing of legal briefs, and monitoring of the process until its final resolution.

Our highly qualified professionals are committed to providing you with personalized and effective solutions, streamlining the process in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, we strive to provide the support and guidance you need to overcome your legal challenges.

Do you need solutions to your civil disputes?

At Arista Costa Rica we have the team of experts that can provide you with the representation and advice you need! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you.
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