Marriage is the essential foundation of the family and its purpose is life in common, cooperation and mutual assistance.

The celebration of a civil marriage in Costa Rica involves requirements and procedures, for which we offer assistance through our services. The celebration takes place before a Notary Public and we offer the service in any part of the country.


The Notary chosen to perform the civil marriage, cannot perform the wedding if the following assumptions are given:

1- Between people who are united in marriage regardless of how long they have been separated.

2- Between ascendants and descendants by consanguinity or affinity.

3- Between blood brothers and sisters.

4- Between the adopter and the adopted person and the adoptive sons and daughters of the same person, the adopted person and the sons and daughters of the adopter, the adopted person and the former spouse of the adopter and the adopter and the former spouse of the adoptee.

5- And of anyone under 18 years of age with some exceptions.


The Notary chosen to carry out the civil marriageAt the request of the parties, the Notary Public may grant what is known as Marriage Contracts before the celebration of the marriage or during its existence, this contract implies the regulation of the present and future assets of the couple.

The Marriage Contracts can be modified after the marriage by the will of both spouses.

If there is no agreement on marital contracts, each spouse is the owner of all assets acquired prior to the marriage and may freely dispose of them and enjoy their fruits without being subject to a future liquidation of marital property within the marital property of the marital partnership.

For this agreement to be valid, it must be recorded in a notarized public deed and registered in the Public Registry.

ARISTA LEGAL offers you the service of civil marriage anywhere in the national territory.

When you make the important decision to get married, just call us and we will take care of preparing the necessary documentation, obtain from the Civil Registry the certifications required by our Family Code, and coordinate the signing of the respective act; you will not have to worry or take care of any other detail, ARISTA LEGAL offers you a complete legal service.

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